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Advance copies arrive

In 1897, Furnish the war, Media myths, Spanish-American War on May 7, 2010 at 4:11 pm

I received two advance copies of Getting It Wrong this afternoon. My wife says they look great, so that’s got to be the final word on that matter.

They do look very good.

I had a feeling the advances were being delivered when the UPS truck rolled up in front of the house.

Getting It Wrong–which addresses and debunks 10 prominent media-driven myths–is being published by University of California Press. Reed Malcolm, the acquisition editor with whom I worked, enclosed a generous note, saying copies of the book are en route to warehouses on the East and West coasts.

Getting It Wrong should be on sale next month.

The book‘s opening chapter,  which revisits William Randolph Hearst’s purported vow to “furnish the war” with Spain in the late 19th century, is available here.

Getting It Wrong has already attracted a measure of attention. I guest-blogged about the book at the Washington Post‘s “Political Bookworm” site and the newspaper’s “Outlook” section carried a short writeup about last month about three myths the book debunks.


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